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Dress Code & Guest Policies

We look forward to your visit to Concord Country Club and would like you to note the following: 

Dress Code for Golf:

Suitable attire for men and boys: slacks or Bermuda length shorts and a tucked in collared shirt.  Hats with the brim forward.

Unacceptable attire:  Blue jeans, cargo shorts, cargo pants, cut-offs, tennis shorts, running shorts, gym shorts, bathing suits and t-shirts.

Suitable attire for women and girls: golf shirts, golf skirts, slacks or Bermuda length shorts. Hats with the brim forward.

Unacceptable attire: Blue jeans, cut-offs, short-shorts, tennis shorts and tank tops.

Dress Code for Tennis:

Suitable tennis attire is required and shirts must be worn. Tennis shoes must be worn at all times on the courts (no bare feet).

Unacceptable attire: Cut-off shorts, running shorts, bathing suits, tank tops and  t-shirts (other than those specifically designed as tennis wear, i.e. solid colors with no print other than club or manufacturer’s logo or accent). 

Dress Code at the Pool:

Swim attire should be covered and footwear must be worn when entering or exiting the pool area from the parking lot.

Appropriate swimwear must be worn in the pools; rash guard sun shirts made for pool use will be permitted.

Unacceptable in the pool: boxers, gym shorts or any items of clothing not specifically intended for swimming.

Dress Code for Dining:

Suitable: occasion-appropriate attire is required in the Clubhouse and on the Back Terrace.

Daytime and lunch service apparel should follow the General Club dress code and should also be in accordance with golf and tennis wear rules if dining after sport.

For Dinner, unless specified in an invitation; jackets and appropriate footwear are encouraged for men. Suitable sport clothing is permitted for dinner, when following a golf or tennis event. Unacceptable for dinner at any time: denim jeans, shirts or jackets (with the exception of white); hats; swimwear and rubber flip-flops.

Cell Phone & Smoking Policies:

  • Cell phones should be silenced and their use minimized while at the Club.  They may only be used in the locker rooms in the main Clubhouse, in the locker rooms in the Fieldhouse, within automobiles or in the event of an emergency.  Cell phones shall not be used on the golf course or elsewhere on Club premises. 
  • Smoking is never permitted inside Club facilities.  Smoking is permitted on the main Clubhouse back terrace and side porch when food is not being served and providing it is not offending other members who are present.  Smoking is not permitted in the pool area, Fieldhouse or surrounding lawns.

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Invitational Tournaments:

The Andrew Dawson Invitational Golf Tournament is a four ball competition.  The 2020 tournament will be held on August 7th and 8th.  Two divisions, (Championship and Senior) play Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  Participation is by invitation only, except for several entries in each division which are filled with Concord CC teams based on a qualifying round.  Teams making the cut play a third round Saturday afternoon.  This tournament is run by the Concord Invitational Committee.

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