Concord Country Club

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Dress Code

  • Golf:  Suitable attire for men and boys on the course includes slacks or Bermuda length shorts and a collared shirt.  Blue jeans, cut-offs, tennis shorts, running shorts, gym shorts, bathing suits or any kind of t-shirts are not acceptable.  Suitable attire for women and girls includes golf shirts, golf skirts, slacks or Bermuda length shorts.  Hats should be worn with the brim facing forward.  Shoes must be “soft spike”.
  • Tennis: Cut-offs, running shorts, bathing suits, t-shirts and tank tops are not acceptable.  Shirts must be worn.  Tennis shoes shall be worn at all times on the courts to avoid damaging the court surface (no street shoes, sandals or “crock” style footwear).
  • Pool: Swim attire should be covered when entering or exiting the pool area from the parking lot.  Appropriate swimwear must be worn in the pools (no boxer shorts, gym shorts, etc.).  Shoes or sandals must be worn outside of the pool area (no bare feet).

Cell Phone & Smoking Policies

  • Cell phones should be silenced and their use minimized while at the Club.  They may only be used in the locker rooms in the main Clubhouse, in the locker rooms in the Fieldhouse, within automobiles or in the event of an emergency.  Cell phones shall not be used on the golf course or elsewhere on Club premises.
  • Smoking is never permitted inside Club facilities.  Smoking is permitted on the main Clubhouse back terrace and side porch when food is not being served and providing it is not offending other members who are present.  Smoking is not permitted in the pool area, Fieldhouse or surrounding lawns.