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Concord Country Club was founded in 1895 as the Concord Golf Club by a group of twenty Concord residents, led by Moses B. L. Bradford. In 1900, a vote was taken to purchase the Brown Farm and form a new corporation to be called the Concord Country Club. Also that year, golf course architect, Donald Ross, was hired to design the original 9 holes at the current location. Over the years, the course has been thoughtfully maintained in order to preserve its special character.


The 49th Annual Concord Invitational Golf Tournament (a four ball competition), will be played on August 7 & 8, 2020.  Two divisions (one gross and one net) play Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  Participation is by invitation only, except for several entries in each division which are filled with Concord CC teams based on a qualifying round.  Teams making the cut play a third round Saturday afternoon.  This tournament is run by the Concord Invitational Committee.

2020 Participants:  click here to complete the entry form

2019 Concord Invitational Results: 

Championship Division – 54 Holes

1st:  Kyle Kelly & /Alex Snickenbger 199       

2nd:  DJ Hynes & Victor Galvani 200

3rd:  Cato Anderson & Mike Dunham 203     

4th:  Emilo Bardini & Peter Reilly 205

4th:  Will Ahmed & Matt Paradis 205

6th:  David Marseglia & Max Ferrari 206       

6th:  Jonathan Stoddard & James Magner 206         


Senior Division - 36 Holes

1st:  Bob Malcolm & Michael McCarthy 138* Playoff

2nd:  Tom Bagley & Jack Watts 138

3rd:  Arte Fitzgerald & Jim Dalton 140

4th:  Phil Kingman & Joe Delorey 141

4th:  Mike Armstrong & Jeff Fisher 141


Low – Tournament Round – Cato Anderson & Mike Dunham - 65


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Contact the Invitational Committee via email at [email protected] 

CCC Member William L. Healy, MD has created and published a wonderful written, gorgeously photographed and thoroughly researched hard cover book on the history of golf at Concord Country Club. You can purchase your copy for $99 in the golf pro shop.  Contact the shop at 978-369-2382.